. . . fertility?

The Centre for Reproductive Loss is now undertaking a new project, an educational outreach to young people on fertility awareness.

"There is no denying the need for such a project, in an age when so many adolescents and young adults are putting their health and future fertility at risk by their sexual behaviour." Catherine Ferrier, MD., CCFP, FCFP, (Montreal, Quebec)

Most young adults expect to find a mate , marry and have children. Yet, for many of them, the realization of this expectation may be more difficult to achieve than for others.

This project aims to educate young people in caring for their reproductive health; to generate public awareness of those factors affecting fertility; and to raise environmental consciousness about fertility as a vital resource that needs to be honoured, respected and protected.

"The loss of a pregnancy or the recognized loss of fertility often causes profound psychological distress for individuals and families and has a significant impact on our healthcare system. In my view, any professional and credible effort to avoid the trauma associated with reproductive loss would be very welcome indeed." Stephen Genuis, M.D., FRCSC, DABOG (Edmonton, Alberta).